Thursday, November 13, 2014

City Search Georgia Short Sales

Are You Looking For A Real Estate Short Sale? So You Know What A Short Sale Really Is? Here Is The Answer In A Nutshell. It Is Called A Short Sale Because The Seller Is Wanting To Sell The Property, "Short Of What The Seller Owes The Bank".

Example: The Seller Owes The Bank $200,000 On A $300,000 Home And Is Listing The Home For $200,000, Due To The Real Estate Market Depreciation, And Is Hoping To Get An Offer That Is Close To What The Bank Will Except To Close The Home.

There Are Far Less Short Sales In Our Real Estate Market In Georgia, Than There Were Just 2 Years Ago. Below Find A Real Estate Resource For GA Short Sales That Update Hourly From Our MLS Provider (Multiple Listing Service).